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Where to Begin When Designing a Website

If you’ve decided to get a completely new website designed for your business, you have found the right website design company. You are now ready to take advantage of the power of the web and build a solid online presence that you can be proud of but where do you begin? We will assist you in building the seo optimized, graphically stunning website that you are dreaming of. Take the guess work and expensive trial and error out of the game and hire the right web designer.

All of our website design projects begin the same way, just you and us assessing your needs and goals for your new website and recommending the best technologies to accommodate your plans. We will design your website using state-of-the-art platforms like WordPress and Joomla. WordPress and Joomla are content management systems that will allow your website to be easily expandable. One of these web design tools will have your website up and running much sooner than other methods potentially presented by other web developers.

Understanding your design needs

All web design projects begin by trying to get a good idea of you, and the goals you have for your business so we can best design your website or graphic to fit your impression of your business. You’ve heard the saying that “proper planing prevents p%4# poor performance”. That is definitely true in the design world, especially on the web side of things. We do our best to understand the message that you are trying to deliver to the customers ear and build your vision on the screen and in print. The better details given regarding what you have in mind and what you are trying to accomplish, the better we can graphically deliver your message.

We can help with each design phase

Like any other construction project, the design of your website happens in logical phases. To clarify, there really is no such thing as a simple website, because all websites have some fundamental basics that require time to set up. For example, you can’t build a house if you first don’t have land to put it on. You can’t put the kitchen sink in with out proper plumbing. Doesn’t make since to nicely decorate the walls of house that was built on a crumbling or poor foundation does it? Take a look at our steps of building you a properly planned website that will perform.

Crucial Keyword Research

keyword research is arguably the most important element in properly planning your website design. Your keywords determine many elements of your website’s design.

Domain Name and Hosting Account

Properly picking your domain name (website name) and hosting account is very important. Bluehost is a great host provider and you get one free domain name when you sign up. We also recommend HostGator.

Main Menu Design and Page Structure

Careful planning of the menu structure and content areas of your website is crucial. The initial keyword research helps define the proper names for these areas.

Designing Content – Text and Images

The good stuff. Finally digging into designing the actual text and images for your web pages. Google searches text, most people like to see pictures. You need a good mix of both.

Promoting Your Website Using Google

Drive qualified leads to your new website by paying Google to send people that are searching for your type of services, to pages of choice inside your website.

Maintenance and Enhancement

Your website is an ongoing reflection of your business and is never really finished. You will want to edit,enhance, or remove information and will need assistance.

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