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The crucial step of keyword research specific to your industry

One of the most common misconceptions about keyword research and search engine optimization campaigns is the belief that you already know which terms a customer would use to find your site. You don’t. Not without first doing some research anyway. You definitely know your business and what your site is about and how you, the site owner, would find it, but it’s difficult to predict how a paying customer would go about looking for it. This is due to site owners evaluating their site through too narrow of a lens, causing them to come up with words that read like industry jargon, not viable keywords. Using specific research tools like the google key word tool, you can develop a list of highly searched keywords that are most likely to get a website from your industry found.

Proper Keyword Research Determines Many Factors of the Overall Design of Your Website. We use a process of allowing Google to tell us what the most searched words of your industry are and then using this information to build your categories, sections, pages, all-important page titles, navigation, meta descriptive info and much much more. By doing the research and proper due diligence, you will have a much clearer concept of necessary design elements for your entire website.

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