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Domain Name Purchasing and Hosting Environment Set-Up

What Will You Name Your Website?

Picking your domain name and hosting company is very important. Have you decided what to name your website? The name of your website which is called your domain name is very, very important. The better your domain name the better your search results. A good domain can get you found by default in search engine results.

Where Do You Buy Your Website Name (domain name)?

Simply the best hosting!

Purchasing a website domain name is like opening a business all over again. It is the name-address of your online worldwide presence. HostGator is a world class hosting company and a good place to research and register a domain name. Start by searching to see if your preferred domain name is available and try to buy the .com version. HostGator even offers a FREE domain name if you sign up for a hosting package. You will need a hosting package so it is a great deal to grab your primary name for free.

How Long Should You buy Your Domain Name For?

When you begin the process of purchasing a domain name you are asked how long you’d like to reserve the domain name for.. Google seems to favor those websites whose domains were purchased for longer durations? We recommend purchasing your domain for at least 5 years. Average cost per year is $84.

What is Website Hosting and What Website Host Should You use ?

Think of your web host company as an online storage closet. Your web host is no more than a place for you to store the files that make up your website. Your website is just a collection of files on a server just like the folder on your local computer. HostGator is a world class hosting company with 24/7 phone support.

Do I Get an Email address from “”?

HostGator offers every hosting package the ability to have up to 2500 email addresses per hosting account. More than enough for most business environments.

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