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Describing your design needs in as much detail as possible

We start all aspects of the design just with a few simple info gathering processes. These basic elements set the stage for our interactions as developer-client but are also incorporated into the design element in many ways.

Seo In Mind From The Very Beginning

Every Web Design project begins with the concept in mind of getting the finished website found by as many people as possible. With this being said, part of the initial due diligence is geo-sensitive and your address plays a huge roll in many factors. It is a competitive environment for your website and the better the initial research, the better the website will perform in the search engines locally and abroad.

Determine Workflow and How To Collaborate on The Design

In phase one, you and the web designer will determine the methods of how to work together to accomplish your desired vision for the new website. You will determine things such as preferred collaboration methods and the best times to do so. Payment methods and time lines for desired completion dates are also visited. Beginning elements of all web design projects involve trying to get the web designer to understand as much about the way you feel about your business as possible in order to deliver that business image through the design of your website.

Preparation Ensures Your Website Represents You The Way You Prefer

Building you a website is like building you an online magazine. You tell the world who you are, and what you do. No one knows your business better than you right? Well here’s your big chance to tell the world what you want them to know.

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