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How Much Does a Website Cost?

This question is a personal favorite. I love this question. How much is a simple website? “I only need it to do this..” All simple websites still need a proper foundation. All websites and all graphics for both print and web consist mainly of 2 things, text and images. What you will find common in all websites is basic.

Put simply a website is your opportunity to display to the user text and images related to you and your business in a creative way. To build a professional website and do it correctly, you should expect to invest around $300 per page. – Dana Phillips, Owner of Your Publishing Link

How much a website costs can vary dramatically based on:

  • What tasks your website will accomplish
  • How many pages it has
  • How many images it has (provided or purchased)
  • How many custom graphics it has
  • How many information gathering forms it has
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