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Can’t contact your current web developer?

The Story Of The Missing Web Designer

Are you in the all too familiar position of having a website and needing to add to it or enhance it and you can’t find your web developer? Will your web developer not return your phone calls? This is obviously not a good position to be in. My web designers set every website up with your own hosting account using one of the largest hosting companies in the world.

We simply handle the process for you but using your own user name and password and tied to your credit card. The person who’s card is on file with the host company is who is considered the registrar (owner) of the website. Point is if you plan to own your website, you’d best make sure you have a developer that is out for your best interest. You should always maintain control of your investment – your website! We have seen far to many examples of businesses investing money with some “web developer” only to have him vanish with the access information.

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