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Where to Begin When Designing a Website

If you’ve decided to get a completely new website designed for your business, you have found the right website design company. You are now ready to take advantage of the power of the web and build a solid online presence that you can be proud of but where do you begin? We will assist you in building the seo optimized, …

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Domain Name Purchasing and Hosting Environment Set-Up

What Will You Name Your Website? Picking your domain name and hosting company is very important. Have you decided what to name your website? The name of your website which is called your domain name is very, very important. The better your domain name the better your search results. A good domain can get you found by default in search …

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Describing your design needs in as much detail as possible

We start all aspects of the design just with a few simple info gathering processes. These basic elements set the stage for our interactions as developer-client but are also incorporated into the design element in many ways. Seo In Mind From The Very Beginning Every Web Design project begins with the concept in mind of getting the finished website found …

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The crucial step of keyword research specific to your industry

One of the most common misconceptions about keyword research and search engine optimization campaigns is the belief that you already know which terms a customer would use to find your site. You don’t. Not without first doing some research anyway. You definitely know your business and what your site is about and how you, the site owner, would find it, …

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Designing The Menu Structure and Identifying Pages Needed

Properly planning the menu based on your keyword research defines many aspects of your website. Designing Your Website’s Main Menu Designing Your Website’s Main Sections Designing Your Website’s Main Categories Designing Your Website’s Main Pages When all of this is considered and put down on paper you are almost ready to dig into the fun stuff

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Designing The Website Content, Both Text and Image

The good stuff. Finally digging into designing the actual text and images for your web pages. Installation of a Website Content Management System Like WordPress or Joomla! Designing Your Website’s Main Content Who Prepares The Text Content For The Website Design? Where To Get Images For Your New Website Designing Your Contact Forms To Induce Feedback From Your Website When …

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